5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs a Mobile Web App

1. Amplify Member Acquisition

2. Increase Fundraising

3. Build Community

4. Enhance Data Collection

5. Improve User Experience

  • Mobile apps are 1.5 times faster than web browsers.
  • Mobile apps are much more personal since the user has opted to provide their information upon download, and apps learn more about their preferences as they use them.
  • Mobile apps also provide important push updates and messaging specific to each user when and where they need the information.

Mini Case Study: American Heart Association — Heart Walk App

  1. Receive personalized communications
  2. Message directly, fundraise, manage your team, and access resources directly from the app
  3. Monitor data specific to your personal fundraising and your team’s
  4. Receive gamification badges for completing steps in fundraising and walker recruitment

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