An Update on TechSoup’s Commitment to the Organizations We Serve

Commitments #1 and #2: TechSoup will play a vital role in the global data security infrastructure and facilitate data security education for NGOs, activists, and citizens.

TechSoup increased its efforts to meet the digital security needs of NGOs and communities globally. Specifically:

Commitment #3: TechSoup will advocate for net neutrality.

We reached out to our constituents to inform them of the issue. NetSquared, TechSoup’s global network of volunteer-led nonprofit tech meetups, hosted three events focused on the issue of net neutrality.

Commitments #4 and #5: TechSoup will bring visibility to marginalized groups, including refugees and immigrants, who may be under attack and need support.

In summary, we served survivors of human trafficking, supported worker welfare in Qatar, supported NGOs working in HIV prevention, brought visibility to shrinking democratic spaces, and combated the rise of disinformation across continents.



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