Originally published by TechSoup at https://blog.techsoup.org on September 15, 2020.

Essentials of Disaster Preparation for Nonprofits

When disaster strikes, charities and civil society organizations are often called upon to deliver critical aid. But what if a nonprofit itself is threatened?

Disaster Preparedness Resources from TechSoup

Is Your Nonprofit Prepared for a Disaster? offers tips for continuing operations during the worst of times. The page features popular disaster recovery tools and specialized IT support services specifically for nonprofits.

  • Disaster recovery for your organization’s technology after a natural disaster such as a hurricane or flood
  • Disaster preparedness for staff for their safety and operational continuity

Disaster Prep: The COVID-19 Pandemic Edition

Few nonprofits could have predicted the stress and cost of moving their workforce remote as COVID-19 struck. This situation was very similar to a natural disaster in its suddenness and level of operational disruption.

Securing Organizational Data

Nonprofits often work with the datasets of vulnerable populations such as asylum-seekers, homeless individuals, and domestic violence survivors. In the event of a cybersecurity breach, the information of these marginalized communities could be put at risk.

Start Planning to Make Your Nonprofit More Resilient

It may not always be possible to predict how an emergency would affect your nonprofit, but there are a variety of ways to prepare for the worst. Below are some resources that outline the importance of preparing for any disaster.

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