Growing Social Impact by Reaching over a Million NGOs Worldwide

Developing and Implementing a Global NGO Standard

  1. The general state of the sector — that is, the realities we have identified in the laws and on the ground
  2. The specific preferences and risk tolerance of our long-term partners and donors

Key Takeaways About the Sector

  • The international nonprofit sector is complex. Legal frameworks vary considerably across jurisdictions, making it important to understand local concepts, definitions, and requirements in each country.
  • A global perspective can identify patterns. Even across diverse legal systems, certain trends emerge: charitable recognition, formal public benefit status, tax exemption, charitable deductions, and more. We’ve learned to capture these nuances and, wherever relevant, incorporate them into our eligibility criteria.
  • Not all nonprofits are the same. Civil society comes in many legal forms and statuses. Some organizations are subject to strict regulation. Others operate less formally. Some are restricted from certain activities. Even within the same country, different organization types may be subject to varying requirements or levels of oversight. Our LEDs capture these details so donors can act with confidence.
  • The sector is dynamic. Regulatory environments shift, laws change, and organizational forms come and go. Our research team continually updates and maintains LEDs for all of the jurisdictions we serve. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the sector through continuous legal research and analysis, consultations with local officials, and ongoing collaboration with TechSoup Global Network partners.

New Frontiers and the Road Ahead

  • Fiscally sponsored projects (FSPs)
  • Indigenous organizations
  • Social enterprises
  • Educational organizations
  • Cooperatives
  • Movements
  • Activist groups
  • And more

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