Introducing a New Online Presence for the TechSoup Global Network

By Ken Tsunoda and Elizabeth Hunt

Last year, we came out of the TechSoup Global Network Summit 2021 with a renewed commitment to collaborate, to continue to build our network resilience, and to better support the communities we serve. Since then, we’ve been hard at work developing a new hub for this unique ecosystem of changemakers across the world. We are delighted to now share with you a new virtual home for the TechSoup Global Network:

The site will help us share our unique story of network growth and mission alignment amidst the beautiful diversity of the network. The TechSoup Global Network comprises more than 60 of the world’s leading tech for good NGOs, situated all around the world, working together to build a more resilient society. We created the new website to feature the diversity and strength of the TechSoup Global Network, which reaches 1.3 million NGOs in 236 countries. The site tells the story of our impact by featuring every one of our partners and showcasing their reach and the critical issue areas we address.

Collaboration is essential to all of the work that we do to support NGOs around the world. We are always seeking to connect with more collaborators. is an entry point to the network for new partners and supporters who can help us provide mission-critical technology resources, connections, and know-how to community-based organizations. This site seeks to better inform funders and media about the work we do together globally and to place it in context regionally and locally.

This site marks a new step in the evolution of TechSoup Global Network. Here are a few things we’re particularly excited about.

It’s offered in multiple languages. Available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, this site features the strength and diversity of our more than 60 values-aligned TechSoup Global Network partners working together around the world to collaborate on supporting NGOs as they serve their communities.

And this is just the beginning. At this time, the site doesn’t feature all 39 of the languages in which we operate — but we’re nevertheless proud to launch our most multilingual online space to date.

It showcases and organizes TechSoup Global Network partners’ work along focus areas and community needs. Users can browse network partner projects on topics such as food security, migrant welfare, and climate security and our partners’ efforts to support small and minority-led organizations. This will help journalists and donors connect the dots between the work we do behind the scenes to support digital resilience and the lives improved on the ground.

It features our impact by the numbers and through powerful local stories of change. Impact is grounded in descriptions of TSGN partner activities and highlights, with links for visitors to learn more.

It provides ways for corporations, foundations, donor advised funds, and NGOs to connect. In fact, you can learn more and read testimonials from leaders at companies like Microsoft and SAP, along with several foundations. There’s even a space to reach out them directly.

We invite you to explore the site today, to get involved, and to share it with others dedicated to improving the lives of others through the power of community, technology, and a shared vision of a better world.

We can only achieve impact at scale by continuing to partner with impact leaders around the world who want to collaborate for good. Relationships are at the heart of what we do. We’d love to connect and learn more about you, what brought you to the site, and how we can work together. We invite you to comment below or reach out at tsglobalnetwork [at] techsoup [dot] org.



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