Nonprofit Technology Trends for 2019

John Kenyon

More Collaborative Delivery of Digital Services

Nonprofits Will Act on Cybersecurity

Sam Chenkin, Tech Impact

Impact Measurement

Design Thinking

Feedback Loops

Multifactor Authentication

Advanced Threat Protection

Interactive Reporting

Karen Graham, Idealware

Virtual Teams

Texting for Program Delivery

Darian Rodriguez Heyman, Blue Avocado

Marketing Automation

Tom Bakewell, Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group

Mobile Giving

Heather Mansfield, Nonprofit Tech for Good

Facebook Will Expand Its Fundraising Tools to Instagram

Chantal Forster, Technology Affinity Group

Outsourcing IT Will Continue to Grow

IT Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Philanthropy

Cybersecurity in Foundation Offices

Lauren Hunter, Church Tech Today

Apps That Replicate Your Church



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