Reflecting and Looking Forward: Tech Matters’ Conversation with Rebecca Masisak

By Jim Fruchterman, Founder and CEO, Tech Matters

For over 30 years, I’ve worked as a tech and social entrepreneur, launching the social enterprises Benetech and Tech Matters, and have had the pleasure to watch TechSoup evolve into the global technology capacity builder and force for good that it is today. I’m also glad to be one of the many investors (albeit not a major one) of TechSoup’s pioneering initiative for raising funds through its Growth Capital Campaign and Direct Public Offering to invest in #TechForGood for the entire nonprofit sector globally.

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with TechSoup CEO Rebecca Masisak on the Tech Matters Podcast, a series in which I talk to amazing social change leaders about how they use tech to help tackle the wicked problems of the world. Among other things, Rebecca and I discuss the history of TechSoup, which can be seen as a succession of successful pivots.

Of course, the rapidly evolving nature of technology demands that kind of agility to not only remain relevant, but to scale up impact dramatically. From its first life as CompuMentor, whose goal was to provide nonprofits with tech volunteer services, TechSoup has played a vital role in strengthening nonprofits’ ability to use technology to deliver on their missions.

I was particularly impressed by Rebecca and TechSoup’s ability to innovate in multiple areas — these are case studies for other ambitious tech for good leaders to learn from. For example, I would have said it is impossible for a software-based social enterprise to borrow money. Rebecca has done so several times: convincing investors that lending to a tech social enterprise is a good bet (and it has been). Not only that, but they’ve also built the biggest database of nonprofits in the world and figured out how to maintain it and use it to benefit the entire social sector.

The conversation inspired me. I invite you to listen to it, and I hope it inspires you too. Please share this with someone who may be interested in TechSoup’s unique journey dedicated to making the world a more equitable place.



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